Instant Ihsan: The Simple Way To Master Your Ego

"What if all of the Spiritual Diseases of the Human Heart and Discomforts of the Mind have a Simple, Powerful Cure...?"

If you are a spiritual seeker, who is open to the possibility that there may be a way for you to be truly, deeply happy and peacefully connected to Allah, irrespective of the circumstances of your life or the negativity of the people in it, then this may be the most important letter you ever read…

From the desk of: Mamoon Yusaf, Barcelona

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

In this letter I’m going to explain how that possibility is not only real, but how it might just be exactly what you’ve been searching for your entire life up to now.

But, before you read any further, I want to ask you a few important questions, and I want you to reflect deeply on the answers. I know that you and I may not be of the same background, or even have the same spiritual or religious beliefs, and I assure you, that doesn’t matter.

If any of the following rings true for you, then you are in the right place and, if you’re open to it, I would love to share some insights that might just radically transform the quality and experience of your life. So, take a moment to reflect on this and be honest with yourself as you answer.

Have you ever…

  • Tried praying, meditating or doing ‘dhikr’ and noticed that your thoughts wonder off in all random directions?
  • Forced yourself to pray regularly, in the way your religion teaches, but not really felt the benefit of it much of the time?
  • Fasted during Ramadan and felt very hungry and thirsty, but not experienced a massive difference in your level of consciousness?
  • Read the Quran or other scriptures but not understood it in a way that made perfect sense to you?
  • Beat yourself up in your own mind for not fasting enough, praying enough, working out enough, working hard enough, supporting your family enough, or just not being good enough?
  • Been repelled from religion or going to the mosque or other religious organisations due to self-righteous, arrogant, judgemental people you’ve come across who are everything you hope not to become?
  • Experienced the loss of those you love the most and on some level haven’t been able to get over it?
  • Been dumped, heart-broken or hurt by someone you never thought would ever treat you that way?
  • Achieved great success in business or in your professional life – that other people look up to you for – but deep down feel a little lost because even though you’ve ‘made it’, you still don’t have you the joy you thought those successes would give you…?
  • Or maybe you’re like one of my subscribers who wrote to me asking why she felt depressed and disconnected from Allah, even after the years of dedication and study it took her to completely memorize the Quran.

It doesn’t matter which of these situations rings true for you – if you answered ‘yes’ to even one of those questions, or if your intuition is telling you you’re still in the right place, trust it and keep reading.

But before we explore what causes all of the above spiritual distresses, and before you discover the cure… You may be wondering something about me that I used to ask myself a lot…

Who the heck are you to teach anyone about ‘spiritual growth’…?

That’s a great question – and it’s one that prevented me from teaching what you’re about to learn on this website, for many years. And today, after seeing the incredible changes in the lives of all the students that have been through this ‘spiritual transformation’ program, letting that question hold me back is one of my biggest regrets.

Especially when I read feedback from students like these brilliant people…

I came across the Instant Ihsan course by sheer accident which I know now this wasn’t the case. Allah guided me towards it. I was going through a very rough patch with the ill health of my mother. The course taught me a few techniques to deal with this. I have changed as a person. No longer am I bogged down with ‘What if this happens’ to dealing with actual events. I have become more aware of people and circumstances around me. I no longer have a questionable idea but a master plan which I am currently working on. Overall I am much happier and my sister has commented on this also. I thought I was a well rounded individual before participating on this course, but having done the course it proved how wrong I was. Mamoon a massive massive Jazakha’Allahu khairon for opening my eyes to the way of Instant Ihsan. May Allah reward you abundantly.

– Zahra Baharun (Instant Ihsan Student)

The “Instant Ihsan” program by the grace of Allah enables me to be more present-minded, comfortable, self-disciplined, conscious of Allah & everything else promised, and… …it enables me to not be affected negatively by my or others’ circumstances, it has increase my personal wisdom, and empowered me to learn & act more effectively, & gain wisdom from the following hadith: “Amazing is the affair of the believer, verily all of his affairs are good and this is for no one except the believer. If something of good/happiness befalls him he is grateful and that is good for him. If something of harm befalls him he is patient and that is good for him.”

-Feyaz Narine

In fact a better question is one a student asked me in disbelief during a coaching call…

‘Why the heck have you been keeping all this to yourself…?!’

The answer is: because I didn’t understand the following insight – that now gives me the freedom to share these “spiritual secrets” from my heart…

“Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself – It’s thinking of yourself less…”

And that’s really what this program is all about: understanding the nature of thought – and its role in preventing you from connecting with Allah.

Not all thought blocks your connection with Allah. Only 1 very specific type of thought does. A type of thought that I call “nafs-thought”, which is explained in great detail in the very first module of the “Instant Ihsan” program.

In fact, understanding and effortlessly releasing this type of thought is the main focus of the entire 7 module program. And over the last few years on this spiritual path, exploring the nature of thought, I’ve been blessed with a companion – a scripture that I believe was revealed by Allah, that has given me 7 ways (and counting…) of how to understand and effortlessly release my own ‘nafs-thought’.

I call each of these 7 ways the “7 Core Quran Insights” – and I share them in depth in the Instant Ihsan program. But for right now, let me give you a ‘sneak peek’ into the kind of material we’ll be covering. Introducing…

“Instant Ihsan: The Spiritual Transformation Program – Enlighten Your Heart With The 7 Core Quran Insights That Will Powerfully Transform Your Life…”

One payment of £2973 Payments of £117
“Quran Insight 1: Haqq – Explore The True Nature Of The Human Nafs…”

Have you… …ever been afraid of what other people might think of you? …And then tried acting in accordance to rules that don’t really make sense for you, but other people want you to follow? …Ever tried pleasing everyone else and ended up feeling miserable yourself?

In Module 1 you will…
  • become an extraordinarily courageous person, and attain one of the highest spiritual states mentioned in the Quran.
  • explore the source of all diseases of the heart, to heal your mind and soul
  • why ‘social conditioning’ is the biggest threat to your ikhlas (sincerity) and the bizarre experience that gave me a massive insight that saved me from unconsciously doing riya (a subtle form of idolatry) in almost every act of worship
  • “The Matrix Unplugged” – one of the most powerful spiritual growth exercises I’ve ever come across to figure out what you really believe in your heart to be true, versus what your parents, family, school, TV, & the rest of society have (maybe innocently) brain-washed you to believe. You have simply not experienced true God-given freedom until you’ve done this exercise.


“Quran Insight 2: Taqwa – Raise Your Consciousness & Deepen Your Connection With Allah…”

Is there a disconnect between Islamic classes and study circles and your life? Maybe you find more benefit in reading Personal Growth material than in Islam and the Quran itself?!? Maybe you’ve been turning to other sources of self-development instead of the Quran because they seem to be immediately applicable NOTE: it’s great to study personal growth material from any source (wisdom is the lost treasure of the believer). …AND, the Quran is the best personal development manual EVER. Most people don’t know how to access it in a way that actually impact their life. That’s why…

In Module 2 you’ll discover…
  • how deepening your taqwa loosens the grip of your nafs (the only thing blocking you from experiencing the spiritual highs of ihsan & iman) AND eliminates the only 2 barriers to you fulfilling your human potential
  • the connection between the mind & the soul, that brings together the best of western psychology & Islamic spirituality in a deeply profound, yet simple way (suddenly every act of worship will enhance the quality of your life).
  • 21 traps of the nafs that you need to be aware of. You won’t need to remember these traps all the time, just insightfully understanding them once is sufficient to raise your personal level of taqwa, so you can be free from them


“Quran Insight 3: Rahma – Discover The Depth Of Allah’s Love For You & The Secrets To Accessing The Full Potential Of Your Highest Self…”

Has someone in your family ever tried to force you to behave a certain way that feels unnatural to you (dress a certain way; don’t dress a certain way; go to medical school; don’t go to university; marry this person not that person etc.)? Have you ever been abused? Have you ever been bullied at work, school or home?

In Module 3 you’ll discover
  • how you can be deeply loving and respectful toward your family without ever letting them mentally, emotionally or physically abuse you on any level, ever.
  • the biggest mistake almost all Muslim parents make in the West, when trying to raise their children as “good Muslims”, that causes them to grow insecure and lack confidence in their faith (just having *this* insight un-does any “damage” your parents might have unwittingly done, and prevents you from doing the same with your children)
  • imagine finally living a life filled with love and freedom, where your inner strength comes from your connection with Allah, and you’re so in touch with your “Higher Self”, that people can’t help but respect you and look up to you because of it


“Quran Insight 4: Islam – How To Live In A Permanent State Of Inner Peace…”

Do you ever get angry, upset or disappointed at people, your own family… (or even at yourself sometimes)…? It doesn’t matter what you say, even telling them what Islam says doesn’t change them. You think: if they would only behave THIS way or THAT way, then everything would be okay, they’d be safe & successful (hint: trying to change them this way doesn’t work! Especially in long run!). Maybe you fear for them in this life & the Next. Do you seem to be a magnet to people who repeat the same negative patterns over & over again around you? Do you seem to repeat the same mistakes & sins over and over?

In Module 4 you’ll see…
  • The truth about how to inspire change in other people and more importantly how you can EMBODY Islam… literally – go from anger/ upset to Inner Peace
  • How to become immune to the poisonous, hurtful words and actions of other people, like water off a duck’s back.
  • How to attract the relationships and circumstances you really want into your life
  • The “Inner Salam System” only “technique” you’ll ever need to clear out all the anger, sadness, hurt, guilt & fear from your heart (This also works *extremely* well for mastering desires like hunger & sex)


“Quran Insight 5: Iman – Inspired Action, Effortless Productivity & Uncovering Your Highest Ibada…”

Do you ever struggle with productivity and prayer? Do you know you have a higher calling, but aren’t quite sure what it is?   Do you ever just resign to the idea that “you’re just lazy”, and give up on important projects before completing them? Do you try to pray and read the Quran but can’t quite make it consistent…?

In Module 5, you’ll discover:
  • The simple Quranic formula for ultimate success that works 100% of the time – no exceptions
  • how to tap into your deepest source of inspiration and motivation so you become effortlessly productive
  • the only way to uncover your “highest ibada” – that special purpose and mission Allah has only given you the potential to fulfill, that all other forms of worship are designed to internally prepare you for


“Quran Insight 6: Ihsan – Live With Spiritual Excellence In The Presence Of Allah”

Do you ever pray quickly, just to get to the end? Do you ever miss prayers because you ‘forget’ or unconsciously don’t think it’s that important because it doesn’t really seem to do anything for you? Do you pray, but spend most of that time actually thinking about other things…? Do you think “if only I knew Arabic, then I’d concentrate in every prayer…?”

In Module 6 you’ll discover…
  • What the Quran & Sunnah say about “ihsan”, and 3 ways you can tap into that state any time you want (we’ll actually do this together during the class)
  • the “7 Rituals Of Excellence” all Muslims are encouraged to do, and a small tweak you can make so that from now on, when you approach them it inculcates the state of ihsan within you, so “spiritual excellence” becomes your new way of life
  • how to be deeply present during your salah and let it dramatically improve the quality of your life, and the results you get in the few hours that follow, so you LOVE to pray, and are able to see how it improves the quality of your personal, family and working life.


“Quran Insight 7: Hikma – Accessing Your God-Given Inner Guidance System…”

Have you ever heard Islamic scholars or teachers say things that don’t seem to make any sense FOR YOU? And, have you ever caught yourself wondering… …which scholars should I follow? …who is right? …why do they all contradict each other? … and who is a REAL scholar, anyway?

In module 7, you will…
  • access your God-given “inner-guidance system”, that always points you in the right direction, and keeps you on the right path even in the face of big dilemmas
  • discover the Quran – based paradigm that will completely shift your perspective on where wisdom comes from, and the system that works 100% of the time to let you know which of the dozens of “Islamic opinions” to follow, so you can always get in touch with your own wisdom.
  • Imagine the level of confidence you’ll have in yourself when you know for certain that you’re on the right path in life – the path that’s best for you
  • bring together all the other elements of the course, and set you up to access the magnificence of the Quran for yourself so you can see its implications in your own life from now on

The regular price for this Program is £497, but for a limited time ONLY…
One payment of £2973 Payments of £117
If you order right now, you also get these special Bonuses…

BONUS 1 – How To Wake Up For Fajr
One of the greatest Sunnah’s of success, taught and embodied by all the Prophets of Islam is also one of the most forgotten secrets to success in the dunya and al-Akhira – staying up from the crack of dawn. By the time you’re done with this video program you will:

  • Wake up for Fajr easily & effortlessly every single day, no matter what.
  • Make the most of the early hours of the day – you’ll be amazed at how naturally productive and insightful you’ll become when you follow this Sunnah.
  • Jump out of bed with energy and enthusiasm – even if you’re a ‘night person’
  • Use a weird, seemingly random technique to train your mind and body to react to the sound of the alarm clock
  • Know exactly how much sleep you need, and exactly what to do before bed and when you wake up, to fill your days and nights with Allah’s Baraqa


BONUS 2 – Direct Access For On-The-Spot Coaching.

For the next 10 Students to Order Only: Get Phone and Text access to me directly during the program. Within Reason – this is not to be used for tech-support or customer service issues – we have a full time team member to deal with those things for you. I will be totally available to you to facilitate your transformation, and help you absorb the material on a deeper level during this course. Just text me any time you feel the need to talk.

BONUS 3 – The Enlightened Muslim Online Community

Enlightened Muslim Community – exclusive access to this completely judgment-free Facebook Group so you can connect with other spiritual members of this community who are on the same wavelength as you… with unlimited access to me. I’m very excited to get this going and connect with Muslims who are looking in this direction. When you go through this level of deep transformation, I want to be there to support you as much as I can.

Before I started the programme, I was quite often having stressful days as a single mum of a demanding toddler but was feeling close to Allah swt and praying regularly. I had watched my innocent child appear to be suffering from the pain of his parents split. He had started lashing out, was defiant, intensely clingy and generally acting out of character. Alhamdulillah since getting into the course, we have had transformations plural in our household. I feel peaceful and joyful most of the time. Yes occasionally, I have lost that joy and got caught in old patterns but have always come back to the realisation that nothing/no-one outside of myself has ever had the power to control my feelings. I actually am an island! :) This has given me an ease in facing difficulties and a calmness in dealing with tensions; together those two things make me feel humbled, blessed and grateful to Allah swt. The wonderful news is that this profound change has been almost contagious in that my son is so much happier mashallah than he was before I started the programme. My mind has been cleared of nafs thought and I was able to see clearly that I could help my son by just focusing love and attention on him, instead of worrying myself silly or reeling from the perceived unfairness of what we had been through. I realised that I had been expecting my son to be damaged by our situation and had been feeling intense sadness for him. When I was able to let this go and become more aware of my own power to fulfil what my son needs, his behaviour started to change. Alhamdulillah I have my happy little boy back and there is no greater gift that anyone could have given me than that :))) Through you, I know that Allah swt has answered my prayers and deeply blessed me and my son with this new understanding. May Allah swt reward you for offering this programme. I had been in two minds about doing the programme because as a busy single mum, I had very limited time to invest into it and given my situation, was uncertain that it would offer me much benefit… but the results of gaining this understanding, just in this short time, have been priceless. Long may they continue inshallah!

– S. Q.

One payment of £2973 Payments of £117

Your Spiritual Transformation - Guaranteed.

If at the end of 30 days of being in this program you’re not completely satisfied just let me know and I’ll refund your investment in full. So, for an investment today of just £297, you’ll receive:

  • All Seven Modules of “Instant Ihsan: The Spiritual Transformation Program” (Worth £497)
  • FREE Bonus 1: How To Wake Up For Fajr Video Training (Value £200)
  • FREE Bonus 2: 1st 10 Students Only: Phone and Text access to me during the program (value £5,000)
  • FREE Bonus 3: Enlightened Muslim Community (value Priceless)

One payment of £2973 Payments of £117